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Owner “Loved” His Young Handsome Dog, He’s Beaten & Owner Left Him In A Ditch

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At one point, the dog in this story was cherished and loved. But then he was struck by a neighbor after getting out of his yard. The injury caused significant damage to his body and instead of his owner getting him treatment, he left him all alone in a ditch to die. His owner’s love was not unconditional in the first place.

When the dog was finally found, he was incredibly weak. He had no food or water. The rescuer gave him a big bucket of clean water that he lapped up immediately. She then picked him up carefully to take him to the vet. It was obvious that he couldn’t stand nor walk on his own.

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The vet told the kind woman that it was possible for the dog to recover but it would take extensive physical therapy… and a lot of time and patience. The woman was adamant! She would devote her time and her love to this precious pup.

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She brought him home and he knew he was safe. He even smiled and tried to wag his tail. His new mom scheduled a physical therapy consultation. She explained that she could only afford one session so he would have to teach her how to help the dog herself. He agreed.

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The dog’s new mom worked with him every single day. Besides physical therapy, he also needed to learn to trust humans again. The only person he loved betrayed him. Now it was time for him to understand that his new mom would never leave him.

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After a proper diet, lots of love, and physical therapy, the dog began to heal. In five months, he was up and walking! It was truly incredible to see. There is never an excuse to leave an animal behind. When you adopt an animal, it’s a forever commitment. Sadly this dog’s original owner didn’t understand that. To see the dog’s rescue and amazing transformation, check out the video below.

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