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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Give Terminally Ill Dog a Beautiful Goodbye

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Saying goodbye is never easy. Under any circumstance. Once a couple, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux recently had to lay their beloved white shepherd Dolly to rest. Together. She passed away at home surrounded by her entire family. The former couple came together for her passing and the burial service that followed.

Image Justin Theroux Instagram

Dolly came into Aniston’s life shortly after her divorce with Brad Pitt. She was a rescue, born in Mexico, and Aniston named her after one of her idols, Dolly Parton. During Aniston and Theroux’s seven year relationship and two and a half year marriage, Dolly was an important part of their family.

The couple adopted another dog during that time, a black and white boxer mix they named Sophie, named for the movie Sophie’s Choice. Aniston reportedly had a very difficult time choosing between three dogs that were available for adoption.

Theroux announced Dolly’s passing on Instagram and and naturally, friends and fans responded with kind words, love, and support.

Courteney Cox, cast mate and real life friend of Aniston, commented with a broken heart at hearing the news.

Dolly was laid to rest in a beautiful ceremony attended by family and friends, both human and canine. Her body was covered with gorgeous flowers and wrapped in a cozy blanket for burial. The hands that are held near her are presumed to be that of Aniston and Theroux.

Image Justin Theroux Instagram
Image Justin Theroux Instagram
Image Justin Theroux Instagram

The grief we experience when losing a four legged family member is just as raw, complex, and impactful as with any other family member. Sometimes more so. We hope that Aniston, Theroux, and all of those that loved Dolly will take comfort in each other during this difficult time. Until you meet again over the Rainbow Bridge.

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