6 Things Your Dog Really Wishes You’d Stop Doing

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We loooooove our dogs! We, humans, treat them the way we want to be treated but sometimes, that’s not the way they want to be treated. Add that to the fact that our instinctive pups are living in human society, and sometimes we do things that drive them a little crazy! Here are six specific things that our dogs really wish we’d stop doing.

1- Trying to reason with them.

You: “Okay, now you have to be a good boy when we go to the dog park. No humping, no jumping, no splashing in the mud puddles…and if you’re good, I’ll give you a treat!”

Your dog hears: “Blah blah blah good boy, blah blah blah go, blah blah blah dog park, blah blah blah, TREAT!”

Your dog thinks: Okay, so where’s my treat, dude?

2- Squeezing them.

You: “HUGGY TIIIIIIME!” Wraps arms around the dog

Your dog: Gasp Can’t…breathe…!

3- Telling them to quit barking.

You: “Stop barking! It’s rude!”

Your dog: Continues to bark “Hi Fred! Hi Goldie! Hi Bilbo! Hi Huston! Hi–!”…No, don’t bring me inside!

4- Pulling them along on your walk.

You: Tugs on a leash “Come…on!”

Your dog: Veering off the path to smell another bush. Sniff Max was just here! Sniff Gigi is cranky today! Sniff Luna ate eggs for breakfast! Sniff Sammy just–aww Dad, I’m not done!

5- Getting tense.

You: Tightening leash Oh jeez, here comes that German Shepherd that Harley always barks at like crazy.

Your dog: She’s getting anxious! What’s happening? WHAT’S HAPPENING?! AH! THERE’S THAT DOG AGAIN! WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!

6- Not paying enough attention to them.

You: Collapses onto couch It’s been a long work week. Netflix binge!

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Your dog: Grabs ball and plops it on your lap I haven’t seen you all week! Playtimeplaytimeplaytimeplaytime!

I guess we can just chalk some of this up to the language barrier. But the one message that always crosses species lines?

You: “I love you.”

Your dog: You are my world.

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