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Golden Retriever Falls In Love With Tiny Newborn Kittens

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It’s easy to think of cats and dogs as mortal enemies and indeed, many movie franchises have based their entire storylines on this concept.

This however, is not always the case.

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One video online which showcases how affectionate a relationship these pets can have with one another is this adorable clip of a doggo and a cat.

But not just any cat, and not just one cat, but a momma cat with five freshly birthed kittens. There’s no aggression with these pets, just mutual affection and a sprinkle of curiosity. Who even needs a nanny, when you’ve got a Golden Retriever?

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One breed of dog that always seems to find a feline friend is the Golden Retriever.
They’re known for their affability and ability to get along with anyone- and not just people! As puts it:

“The breed’s friendly, tolerant attitude makes them fabulous family pets, and their intelligence makes them highly capable working dogs.”

These are the qualities that allow this breed to get along with just about anyone, from other dogs in the family to children, cats, you name it!

So when a golden retriever gets a whole litter of friends, they’re there for it!

This ginger momma cat has just given birth to five brand new, squirming, squeaking kittens and she has a guardian. You guessed it-a doting Golden Retriever. She watches on patiently and softly as these still-blind kittens get to know the world.

She seems peaceful and curious, content to lie and watch these tiny things.

As the kittens grow, they remain well under the supervision of this Hairy Poppins.

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The kittens all sit happily between the paws of this soft and gentle nanny dog. The Golden Retriever’s temperament really makes them the perfect dog to have around your kids…or…kittens.

And these kittens are truly adorable in their own right!

Under the supervision of both their parents (actual cat parents, not just their protecting pedigree pal) they grow up, eventually opening their eyes and seeing the world for the first time. Some of them, you can definitely see take after their mother. Some however, tend to look more grey like their father.

Daddy cat looks pretty grumpy, good thing they’s got a loving doggo to look after them too!

Is there anything more heartwarming than animals who find these types of friendships?

We bring these pets into our lives so that they might become close with us.

To form friendships with us and be companions in life. When our pets manage to forge relationships with each other however, it can warm the cockles of your soul.

When your cats can find a canine aunty to help look after their children, the cuteness goes off the scales.

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